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We are a Mexican company with three decades of experience in the research and development of asphalt recycling processes.

Petrotekno has developed its own, internationally patented technology which has been granted a variety of awards and has been submitted to the most rigorous laboratory tests, which have confirmed that our unique system recycles 100% of the input, achieving true sustainability for asphalt pavements.

Our recycling process has been selected for use in large-scale projects, both by government agencies and private organizations.

We pride in our ample experience in the field and in the quality of our service, which results from our good team work and our constant effort towards bettering our personnel, as well as from our high regard of honesty and respect.

We are socially and environmentally aware, and it is under this awareness that we have helped develop the highway infrastructure of the northern region of our country.

We are a company devoted to giving a quality service to our clients in the areas of recycled asphalt pavement, capable of working under the best terms of quality, sustainability, time and cost, being effective and efficient in the services we offer.

To continue being a leading Enterprise in the area of asphaltic pavement recycling, remaining always at the vanguard of our competitive environment to achieve a uniform growth.